Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Happy Hump Day!
It is a very cold morning here in Springfield!
BRRR! But i didn't have to scrape my car so that was a huge plus.
So how is your wednesday going?
Mine is fairing okay...
Last night I had a girls night of making dinner
and drinking wine while watching
United States of Tara on Netflicks with Jessica.
 Have you guys ever watched it?
i am literally obsessed!! I of course am a terrible blogger who didn't take pics of cooking
or wine/girls night
because I don't have an awesome phone and I am still with POS samsung..
but mooooving on....
it was nice to sit around drink cheap wine and
bitch talk about stupid boy stuff & other things.
I have made a few plans for this weekend to keep my mind of things
and just keep pressing on and healing.
Today I am of course linking up with Michelle over at the vintage apple
for Oh How Pinteresting!
are you??
One of these days i might actually have a theme or something
for my pins... but probably not..
have you followed me?
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id love to follow you back!
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Enjoy your Wednesday lovlies!

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  1. i really hope santa brings you a sweet new phone for christmas girly!!

  2. Oh I like the nails, those are pretty! I've heard of the United States of Tara but I've never watched it. It's good?


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