Monday, December 17, 2012

Harry Potter Fix

Oh hello Monday..

My weekend was pretty boring, so I am not doing a weekend recap.
I didn't do much. I did go to a bar on Saturday but nothing crazy exciting.

INSTEAD I am linking up--

1)JK was super creative, what was your favorite word she made up for the series?
oooh gosh this was a hard one... I would probably

2)Human-esque magical species you'd most like to meet in real life (house elf, goblin, veela, giant, etc.)?
A veela or a goblin. I am fascinated by both!
3)Last week we asked if you would dabble in the dark arts, say you got carried away…what would you make into a horcrux?
Let's see-
Probably my pearl necklace
my toothbrush 
wine bottle
4)Three things Amortentia would smell like to you:
The beach, garlic and fresh laundry
5)If you knew you would not be punished, what would you do to Umbridge?
Something along the lines
of papercuts/cuts from when you shave your legs
and alcohol.
6)Did you ever read fan fiction while waiting for a book to come out?

7)If you had been a student at Hogwarts, would you have been brave enough to explore the castle grounds?
During the day, yes. I am a big ole pansy and barely like to walk around my apartment in the dark. A magical castle is probably out.

Hope your Monday is great!

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us!! :)) I am a pansy too :)


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