Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Confessions

usually I am so excited it's friday, but this time not so much.
It is my last day of my long term sub job.
I am kinda bummed.
I have literally had a reason to get up and something to do everyday
and now it's over. sad panda.
I am praying for another long term sub job next semester that will hopefully
*fingerscrossed* lead to a full time job!
I am not really looking forward to going home mostly because I am not
in the holiday spirit at all.
So bah humbug
Sorry for such a depressing start to my post but I am having a hard day
today and i think realization of everything is hitting me pretty hard today.
I am trying hard to get out of this funk, but it is so difficult.
moving on-
I am linking up with Leslise over at A Blonde Ambition
for Friday Confessions.
I confess---
-that i have not wrapped a single present. I am planning
on wrapping when I get back to STL this weekend!
-that I have not done laundry in almost 2 weeks!
WHHHAT?? Since I don't have a washer and dryer & paying to
use the one in my apt complex is not on my to do list, i am just waiting til
i get home....i s'pose.
my laundry basket looks similar to this..
-that I am feeling so blessed by all the presents my kids
have brought in for me this week/today. Lots of candies, baked goods
& socks...the fuzzy cozy ones. :) YES!
-I am glad the world didn't end. I mean, this cannot be it..right?
-that I am hoping 2013 is much better than the end of 2012 and that i can
get back to my positive polly self.
-that i haven't worked out in almost a month.... WHAT?? Yeah unacceptable.
I need more motivation.
-that my friend Alan made me dark chocolate mint fudge last night.
DELISH... (this is not helping the fact i haven't gotten my bootay on
an elliptical in a month)
-i totally watched the Jersey Shore finale and reunion. I expected a whole lore more
drunkeness/hot mess-ness/nakedness!
anyone else indulge in this disgusting behavior last night??
I wish I was more ashamed.
but i'm not.
alrighty well I need to grade a few more things
and pin to my hearts conent while the kiddos are at computers.
do ya follow me ?
You should! I'd love to follow you back!
Enjoy your friday :)

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