Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap!

Good Morning!
It is a very cold day here in little Missouri and I am all snuggled under the covers watching
bravo and catching up on blogs.
Ahh the perks of being a teacher and having a large break after christmas
not complaining at all.

So things have been pretty calm around here. Wednesday night i went out
with jess and had way too many vodka crans. So i spent most of the day
yesterday recovering. I am too old. 2 am is WAY past my bedtime
and I cannot party like I used to. Anywhoos after I got my life together
I went out for sushi with my friend Alex and then got to see her new apartment!
TOO cute :)

i am gonna head out to the gym soon
(gotta get this booty back on that treadmill...kill me)
and then I am having dinner with one of my bestests-- Lisa tonight.

Anywhoos I wanted to share some pictures from christmas day!
This christmas was very laid back.
Christmas eve was filled with baking & christmas movies.
Christmas day I was at my Aunt Kathy's house with most of my mom's side during the morning
and the afternoon. Then we headed to my dad's mom's house christmas night.

It was relaxing & wonderful!

My parent's fireplace on Christmas Eve
Emily mixing cookies
christmas day. me and seeeester
Aunt Kathy & Cousin Sean making breakfast
Lillian (my cousin's daughter) PRESH :)
Opening presents
Dad and his new sandwich maker
dad, me, seeester, & momma on Chrismas morning
me & lillian

hope your holidays were wonderful :)
I am excited for the new year & all the good things 2013 is going to bring.

BTW I just made a button swap page up top.
take a look!

I'd love to swap with you!!
Don't forget gues tposts. 

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  1. Looks like Christmas was fun !
    I wish I would have taken pictures of mine !
    id love to do with a button swap with you ; altho I think yours is already on mine ahah

    happy holidays and have a great new years
    Jenn xo


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