Friday, December 7, 2012

Checking in

Hey ladies!
I am so glad it's friday!!
mostly because I am glad this terrible week is almost over.
Thank you so much for your out pour of support. I am still having a hard time
with everything but I am just taking it day by day and trying to get
myself back together.
I just wanted to check in and say hello!
I am still reading and getting caught up on your blogs. I am
going to try and be back at next week with my posts.
I am still loving teaching my fifth graders for the extended sub position.
I cannot believe I only have two weeks left!! I am going to be sad to
leave them and even more having something to get up and do everyday.
The thing i LOVE and HATE about subbing is that i am not guaranteed a
job everyday. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes when i have a lot
to do during the day I don't mind getting the day off but other times I
just sit at my apartment BOREEED!
That sucks.
end of story.
I have really felt like a real live teacher these past few weeks and I will be
really sad to let it go!
Anyways I better get back at planning and getting stuff ready for next week
for the kiddos!
have a wonderful weekend!!

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