Friday, December 14, 2012

Am I the only one?

uh how is already the middle of December?
it has literally FLOWN by!
I cannot believe it is almost 2013
which means I will 24... scary.
But i am trying to be excited for 2013.
New Opportunities.
I am trying so hard to be positive.
anyways, today i wanted to post about
wierd things I think, believe or do.
So i ask am i the only one?
- that CANNOT sleep with socks on? I literally cannot sleep if i have any socks

-that is not really excited for snow. Yeah, it's great especially if i get a day
of school off, but really other than the one day it sucks. I hate the way it looks when
it is semi melted and the grass is kinda showing. It just looks gross. Then there is the wreckless
drivers/drivers who go 45 miles under the speed limit. Both are annoying.

- that is not really looking forward to new years eve? Maybe it's because I am newly
single, or the fact that as of now I haven't decided what i want to do or found
a dress etc...I'm am just not really looking forward to it.

-that has still not joined the real world and gotten a smart phone? Yes I complain about it a lot
but i am OVER it. Tru story--- i just want to instagram and send pictures via my phone.
lame ass.

-that LOVES Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce? Anyone?? Yeah I am addicted.
I have putting it on everything, it's actually getting a bit out of hand.

-that still goes to the public library? I don't have a kindle/nook and I honestly
do not think i want one. I still love checking out books and having
an actual book to hold (but oops i have overdue library books..i don't even want to think
about the fine..)

-that has yet to finish christmas shopping? I pretty much know exactly what I
am getting people but as far as actually going out to buy it..
i am slacking.

-that is a little superstitious? There kinda weird things
i do  all the time such as: make wishes at 11:11, lift my feet up when i drive
over railroad tracks, triple check candles when leaving the house (even if i haven't burned them),
hold my breath over bridges...those are just a few..

anyone else??
or is it just me?
What are weird things you do??

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  1. You think going under the speed limit during snow is a bad thing? I think people who drive around like it's summer out during it deserve to get in a wreck. They are morons. It's snow. It's slippery. There is black ice everywhere. Stop risking not only your own life but others' on the road. There are people who drive around with babies and children on the road.

  2. i can't and won't sleep with socks on. drives me bat shit!

    bahahahaha - i totally lift my feet up over bridges. lol. love it!

    have a good weekend lady!

  3. Cheers for being positive about the upcomming year! This year hasn't been my greatest and I am excited/hopeful for this upcomming one :) I am a new follower btw :)


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