Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update

Well Happy Monday!
ehh.. Mondays are never happy.
this one is pretty dreary and cold.
no me gusta.
Anyways I had a pretty fab weekend!
A lot of lazy-ness but also a few fun things!
Linking up--

Friday- I FINALLY got sushi since i have been back.
Now let me tell you that Springfield has the BEST sushi places. I was
unable to find a place that i absolutely loved the sushi and the price when
i was in stl. So being back in Springfield and not going to my fave sushi places
has been torture.
Well i finally made it.
A few girls i used to work with headed out for a little girls night of gossip and
a Lot of sushi! YUMMM.
Saturday- Caleb and I slept in. As usual. Then we ran a few errands and
then he took my to breakfast.
ihop. duh.
We ate pancakes til could no longer breathe.
we are so romantic. I loved it though.
Then I did a few errands and then it was time
to get ready for the Dustin Lynch concert. After we go ready
Caleb, I and his friend Ben headed to the bar where he was playing. We blasted his new CD
and drank a few beers in the parking lot and just enjoyed the lovely weather. After the rest of
our friends showed up we went in and had a great time!
it was  a small venue so we were SO close.
Lots of singing, dancing and being crazy :)
Sunday- Nap. eat. Nap.
as for every Sunday.
oh and caleb made me dinner.
what a keeper ;)
/end mushy-ness.
A few pictures from Saturday--
Maleah, Lindsay, and myself
Caleb and I
Dustin Lynch!
Have a great week lovlies :)


  1. Hey Sarah! Love your blog! I saw on your blog that you live in Springfield. Is that IL or MO? Just wondering because I used to live in Springfield, IL and now I live closer to St. Louis.

  2. What a fun weekend! Mmmm! Pancakes!

    1. I KNOW!! Strawberry Banana SO GOOD!!

  3. Fun weekend! Love when weekends have a good mix of fun and lazy!


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