Monday, November 19, 2012

Weeken Recap && Swap Reveal!

oh hey monday.
i don't hate you as much because i only have
two days of work (YEP sub jobs both days)
and  i am going home in three days!
so I will not give you my hate parade today..
but next week you better watch
Anywhoos a quick weekend recap--
Friday-  I went to a Friendsgiving. It was GREAT! One of my fave couples
hosted and they made the turkey, and everyone who came
brought a side dish and a few brought an adult bevvy or two.
I ate SO MUCH. It was all way too good and I loved it all.
So before falling into a food induced coma I made my way
(in stretchy pants and all)
over to calebs and we headed out to our fave kareoke bar for a
few of his friends' bdays. It was a blast. Those guys were a hoot
and it was just the evening i needed.
Now I am not a kareoke singin' type of gal
but Caleb is a kareoke junkie.
He sang a good 4 or 5 times!
There is also lots of dancing, and lets just say my boyfriend
is a dancing FOOL.
The night was definitly one for the books.
my first attempt at a self taken outfit.
(black skinnies, long cardi, fuscia flats, long black tank and long necklace)
Caleb and his friend Evan
told ya..dancing fool..
Jessica & I
Saturday- LAZY DAY. I literally did nothing. I put away laundry.
that was it.
Caleb and I laid on the couch and watched Friends and
college football.
Sunday- More football. Caleb made dinner.
Chicken & shells n' cheese.
He used a spicy coating, that set my mouth on fiiiire
but was DELISH!
Pretty great weekend if i do say so myself.
Now onto the swap.
Coley from Planned Spotaneity had this
swap called the Sip n Share swap where you were suppose to
send something written (share portion) and something to drink from (sip portion)
My gorgeous swap partner was Shelagh from Brunette City Blog
She is pretty spectacular.. go say hello!
Here is what she sent me---
-A mug she wrote on with one of my fave harry potter quotes

"It's our choices, Harry that show what we are truly are, far more
than our abilities"- Albus Dumbledore

-Butter Beer Recipe
-Three lip glosses!
 (yeah i am a bad blogger & used the middle
lip gloss before i took a picture...)
My harry potter obsession was hit right on!
Thank you so much Shelagh!!
Hope your Monday is fabulous :)


  1. Friendsgiving sounds SO SO fun!!I am planning to host a mug swap with one of my bloggy friends, we hope to announce the dates and info soon!! :)

  2. i love friendsgiving!! they really are so much fun :) xo annalizbeth

  3. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Friendsgiving sounded like it was heaps of fun! xo

  4. friend that hosted Friendsgiving moved away so no one hosted this year. So sad! Such a fun tradition!

  5. Oh my goodness, that swap gift is AMAZING!!! I'm a huge HP freak (you should actually check out the weekly linkup that I host!) so this would be right up my alley. :) I'm your newest follower - looking forward to getting to know you more!


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