Thursday, November 8, 2012

Up in the gym just working on my fitness

Happy Thursday!!
What is the happiest part of Thursday?
The fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY of course!

So i guess that Raven and Kristen are no
longer doing Inspire Me Healthy link up anymore
but I really want to stay on top my fitness and getting healthier.
SOOO i am going to continue to document my workouts etc
on project get skinnnnay!

I have not been diligent. I have not been eating properly.
Caleb can  eat anything and everything and of course
only he bad greasy stuff and i just going along
eating it too.
 I gotta stop.
I am getting serious and i think staying responsible
and posting each week here about my workouts
and my success and setbacks is going to
help my accounability.

Anyone want to buddy up?
I want someone who is serious about it though and someone
who i can push and can push me!
Please let me know!

Alright onto the workouts--
 30 Day Shred
I know it is only 20 minutes long but this gal is sweatin her ta-tas off!
and let's not even talk about how sore i am the next day!

 25 minutes of cardio
100 redgular crunches
20 per side oblique crunches
Leg Stretching

no workout.
** confession: I had popeyes chicken for lunch**

30 minutes on treadmill (alternating between run and power walk)
100 regular crunches
30 per side oblique crunches
25 lower abs
Leg Stretching

I am really going to try and focus and get
my butt to the gym and make more healthy recipes.

Happy Thursday!


  1. oh girl, good luck staying healthy! it's hard when my husband isn't dieting along with me... grrr. have a great day!

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

  2. You will do great, girl! Good luck with this!

  3. I will totally be your get healthy buddy! I am working hard too. I've never finished the shred before but I remember the first few days I did it that I couldn't walk the next day. Also, Ashley at Domestic Wannabe does a healthy living/exercise linkup every Monday that I like to link to.


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