Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the season to be thankful

Today is my Friday.

I sub today and then I am as free as a bird.
I get to make that lovely 3.5 hour drive back to
St. Louis tomorrow.

I am looking forward to it..cant ya tell.

Caleb isn’t going with me since he has to work Friday morning :(
So he is just heading to his parents house which is only
about an hour from here for the night.

Since this is Thanksgiving week and all I wanted to share with you
a few things that I am so thankful for.

Yes there is tons of focus on turkey and football over the next
few days but sometimes you need to take the time
to remember what this day/week is all about.

Being thankful.

So I am thankful for--

My family
 I am so blessed to have such amazing people supporting me through
everything I do. I have not only great parents and sister but also extended
family that wants the best for me and have always
been behind whatever it is I chose to do.

 Me, my sister and my mom

me ,my sister, and my dad

My friends
. I have some pretty great friends who are always there no matter
what I need. Whether it is a night out on the town, a dinner date
or just a shoulder to lean on, they are there.
You don't have to have hundreds of friends if you have
a few that are true.
a close few that are the best
 and that’s really all I need.
Me and of my bffs lizz

On of my other BFFs lisa

I am so very lucky to have such an amazing boy in my life.
I have never felt this at ease and comfort with anyone before.
I have always believed that a sign of a strong relationship
is the silences. They shouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable
and with him I have found that. I have found someone who
makes me so incredibly happy and I truly I hope
I do the same for him.
My able body
.So many people out there have had the gift of walking,
using their other limbs taken from them. I can run, jump,
cartwheel, and play. I am so thankful I am able
to walk up and down the stairs of my apartment and that I can
work out when I want to. That is such a gift.

My education.
I don’t just mean my college degree. Yes that is one of my biggest
accomplishments thus far in life, but I mean an even more basic ability to
have received a quality education. I am privileged to be literate because so many
people around the world and even in our country do not have that ability.
I want to continue learning and growing and have the amazing
to pass that along to my students someday.

And last but not least

Yep, I am thankful for cable. I love reality tv, especially that of the BRAVO
and E! variety and without cable I wouldn’t be able to get my fix for my

What are you thankful for?

Hope your thanksgiving week/day is filled with thanks
and great company.


PS I am guest posting over at Keepin' up with Smiths about the rules of thanksgiving day.
Go ahead over there.
Amy has a cutsie pootsie blog and i am so excited to be over there.

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  1. Such a great list of things to be thankful for! You are definitely blessed! :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friend! :)


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