Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three times and on to the fourth

happy tuesday!
I don't have a sub job today, but i have one tomorrow and
the next so I am going to try to be extra productive today!
aka clean, groceries, mail my sip & share swap and
a few other errands.
Fingers crossed i get it all done!
Tonight Caleb and I are going to see
The Dark Night Rises.
(at the dollar show in town)
He has seen in three times, including the midnight showing.
I have only seen it once.
He is obsessed. He already knows when it is coming out
on DVD and is planning on going AT MIDNIGHT
to walmart and getting it.
However, before he goes, i have been informed,
we will be watching the first two Batman's that evening
then going to get the movie and watching it when we get home..
i told ya obsessed.
Anywhoooos, I was thinking what movies am I obsessed with that
i could watch over and over again. 
These are the ones I came up with..
The Wizard of Oz-
Sweet Home Alabama-
Easy A
(any and all of the movies)
There are more but those are the few that came to mind!
Are there any movies you could just watch
over and over...
and over?
I am guest posting over at Reasons to Smile
for Jen!
She guest posted here yesterday and she is such a doll.
Wander on over there and check it out!!


  1. Totally agree with you about Easy A & Sweet Home Alabama! Love those movies!

  2. Caleb & Luke would get along great! :) Love Sweet Home Alabama! Could.watch.it.every.day.

    Have a great day! Hope you get lots done!


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