Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Oh hey thursday!
I like you because you are friday's very close neigb.
anywhoos as promised here are all my pics from thanksgiving!
I had dinner at my cousins house and dessert at my dad's mom's
house (grandma on the other side)
  I also braved the crowds and shopped black friday.
I was that person who shopped for myself..
TERRIBLE...i nknow.
a few things i got were
seven7 for all mankind skinny jeans for  30 bucks!!
thats right 30 bucks.
Also inital ornaments for caleb and I.
The due date.
A framed black and white photo for above my bed
(i will eventually take pictures)
Made cookies saturday which caleb and I have already demolished.
Saturday night I caught up with some friends from HS that i haven't even seen
since High School!
Great weekend if i do say so myself!
Onto the pictures--

im awkward. Og and my bottoms were just plain leggings
My sister and I on the way to dnner.
told ya...awkward.
My aunt playing with her grand-daughter Rylnn
Cousins playing GO FISH
all the side dishes
my cousin casey carving the turkey
my plate...errr first plate
Black Friday shopping
outfit for when i met up with the girls
Wellll finally a week later I have updated you :)
Happy thursday lovlies!!

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