Friday, November 2, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Oh hello Friday!
You got here pretty quick and I am not hating it!
I am not exactly sure what is in order for this weekend
but I know Caleb and I are going to see
Dustin Lynch at this bar for a small concert tomorrow.
it is only 15 bucks!
He sings Cowboys & Angels
we actually just got his CD and they are all pretty great!
check it out--- i am obsessed.
And tonight I am going to sushi with some girls
i used to work with! I am pretty excited. I have missed those ladies!
I am gonna try to remember my camera!
Anywhoos as you know I am a teacher.
Currently I am just subbing (hoping for a full time position next school year!)
I teach/sub for elementary age kids. So mostly kindergarten
through 5th grade.
Let me preface this by saying I LOVE IT! I love kids.
and I love teaching but ya know
'kids say the darndest things'
anyone else remember bill cosby's show?
Where he talked to young kids and they basically said outrageous
things and everyone had a big chuckle.
let me get you up to speed.
Well it's TRUE! Kids be crazy.
here are a few things that have been said/happened throughout subbing the last few weeks.
- I had a kindergarten girl cut her sweat pants. As in took her scissors and cut holes
about the size of her fist all over her pants...just because.
- I said to a few 3rd grade boys 'boys please take your seats'
and one of them raised their hands and said 'actually we are men'  WHAT??? I
couldn't even be mad. It was hilarious.
- On daily basis i get interrogated on one if not all of the following
*my age
*if I am married. Since I am not, WHY??
* WHY i don't have children
*how long I have been a teacher
*why I am so short and that most of the 5th graders are taller than me.
(i am barely 5'1 btw)
- Kids always seem to want to tell me random things about their parents
*their ages
*their parents boyfriends or girlfriends
*if their mom is on weight watchers--this has happened at least 5 times
* That their parents said 'naughty' words aka swearing
- I usually have my cellphone out on the desk and one kid walked
up to me and said "ooh is that your cellphone" I said Yes and
then he walked to his backpack and took out his phone
that was better than mine. He has apps and Internet access.
I don't even get picture messages.
He was in 2nd grade.
- I love when kids think random things are HILARIOUS. Like full
belly laughs with tears. Yesterday I was reading
to 3rd graders and I said the word underwear and the whole class erupted
in deep down belly laughs. It was literally contagious.
Those are just a few things about the kids i get to see
throughout days and I love it. Sometimes it can make things
cough "WHY AREN'T YO MARRIED?" cough
or just make me shake my head in confusion or amazement
 but i love it.
Happy Friday!
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  1. This made me laugh! Kids these days!

  2. i LOVE this!! they seriously are hilarious.

    my girlfriend's son pulled his pants down at after school daycare. he's six. he was in BIG trouble. that night before he goes to bed he says, mom if i don't pull my pants down tomorrow can we get happy meals. WTF? lol. hilarious!

  3. They really do. The 1st grader I watch is always saying off the wall stuff that has me cracking up. And I love how they just straight up say things about their parents haha

  4. This is hilarious! I can totally relate... I'm a third grade teacher! One of my boys were acting silly in the hallway and I asked him sternly, "DO YOU NEED TO HOLD MY HAND?!" He replies with a smile, "OHH YEAH!!"... I couldn't help but laugh....Gotta love them:) Glad I came across your blog! Going to catch up some more!

  5. LOL! That is one thing that I miss about daycare...all of the funny, random things that the kiddos say! :)


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