Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing Jenn {Guest Poster)

Happy Sunday!
The weather is amazing here.
63 degrees and sunshine for miles. Pretty perfect if you ask me!
This sunday has a been fairly lazy. Caleb and I couched it in last night,
with the exception of picking up our entirely intoxicated friend
who was HILARIOUS around 1am.
We watched a friends marathon and ate pizza.
(not part of get skinny plan... i know)
Then this morning, being the fab girlfriend that I am
 I got up and made pancakes for caleb, I and our drunky (now hungover) friend.
Other than that its been a lot of chief football and windows open kinda day.
Anywhoooos on to my lovely Guest Poster
Jenn. She is adorable and I am so glad to be sharing her with you.
Without further ado---
Hello all you lovely people of Silly Incatiations !

I'm Jenn from Hello Gutentag I'm from a little province called nova scota in Canada. My blog is basically about everything and anything that happens in my little life.

I'm super excited to be here hanging out on Sarah's blog today !. Shes awesome I know. Thanks for having me here today!!

Today I'm going to show you things that are my favorite !

Favorite song
I love just about anything from nicki

Favourite TV show
Loved Gilmore Girls ever since I was little. Have every season !

Favorite singer
Brad Paisley . Sexy yes I know.

And a few of my favorite things to do is read and do gymnastics and I also love to coach gymnastics. OH and cant forget my MOST favorite thing to do is cuddle with my little pups Digger <3 p="p">

Thanks for checking out my post and thank you sarah agian for having me here !
Jenn xo
Isn't she great?? Go ahead and meander on over to her blog
and say hello!
Have a great rest of the weekend and get ready for
a short week and most importantly

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