Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Fancies {Black Friday}

Are you out of your turkey comas yet?
I barely am.
Yesterday was filled with food, thankfulness, and great memories.
i will share all my pictures and stories next time
but today I am linking up for
Friday Fancies!
Now I love/hate this link up.
I mostly love it because I love fashion and clothes and shopping and everything
that comes with it, BUT i hate this link up because i get stressed out about finding cute outfits
and then when i look through others who posted i feel pretty inadequate.
but i am pressing on and hopefully one of these weeks i will have an outfit
that can compete with all those fashionistas out there!
This week's theme is
Black Friday!
Another one of my fave holidays. I am actually getting ready to head out with
my mom and sister to brave the crowds and shop. I am not and will never be
one of those people up at 2 am or well these days camped out three days before
for the doors to open on THANKSGIVING!!
its called black FRIDAY not thursday.
/end rant.
But i do like to go get some deals such as dollar movie at target and pretty much anything
else i can find. i don't have a set list or anything. It's really just a fun time
to spend with my mom and sister.
here is my little outfit based around

Of course I had to add a pop of color with the shoes

However you are spending your black friday, i hope it's a good one!

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  1. Hiya! I came across your blog from the linkup! First of all, LOVE the name of your blog. It reminds me of Harry Potter!! Second of all, totally relate to the love/hate relationship with the link up aka stressing to find a cute outfit!!!
    Hope Black Friday shopping didn't drive you too nuts! :)


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