Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Confessional

I am so glad it is friday!! This has been quite a week getting used to
subbing everyday for this class. They can really wear me down. They seem to still
like me and we are getting through the lessons and no ones has died
I'd say so.
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I am ready for school to be over today because tonight caleb and I are
going out with some friends for his friend's bday.
I am definitely needing it!
But before i head out for the day, let me leave you with some confessions
for Miss Leslie's link up.
I confess-
...that I am so excited but so stressed and anxious STILL about this long term sub assignment
...that I wish would time would sloooow down. I am not ready for christmas!
...How i cannot believe I have lived back in springfield for almost 2 months
...that i really don't know what I want for christmas
...that i have been overwhelmingly exhausted this past week and i have taken
a nap almost everyday after work
...even though i know caleb and i shouldn't stay together every night, i get sad panda
when i dont see him everyday
...I still have thanksgiving leftovers in my fridge
...I have two over due library books and i am not taking them back til sunday
Hope you have WONDERFUL friday and of course and even better weekend.


  1. I know, time is going SO FAST! I said yesterday, New Years is around the damn corner. That's nuts!!! I feel like it just turned 2012.

  2. Oooh, I have books that are due back at the library sometime soon... I should probably check on that, haha!


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