Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Well hello Monday.
that is all i have to say to you, because my mother
taught me that if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.
Alrighty so this was a crazy weekend!
here we gooo--
Friday- Well i subbed all say friday. LONG DAY, lemme tell ya! Then I came home and took about an hour snooze. Caleb went home to see his parents and little sister this weekend
so i popped over to his place to say bye etc etc. Then Friday evening, one of my friends
Kory, had a little get together. and by get together, i mean house party? WHATT?
yes, this old lady went to a house party. Granted it was all my friends
hanging out but never the less, it was a party at a house.
Saturday- SO AS YOU GUESSED, i spent most of the day recooperating.I laid on my couch
for the majority of the day sleeping and watching bravo. I did however go to caleb's and clean
out his fridge. Yeah, that's the kinda lady i am.
Ps it was effing gross and i couldn't take it anymore.
Now saturday evening was New Member Dance for this organization
i was in during college. Now it's not so much a dance
as we rent a room at a bar and all dress
in a theme and hangout..and booze.
Now I didnt dress up. I think i have surpassed my theme party days
sad day.
Anywhoos it was literally a MONSOON outside. As in side ways
rain and CRAZY winds. But the troopers we are, we made it.
I had a grand ole time. Just seeing a lot of people
I haven't seen in months since i had moved home. It was great catching up
and have a beer or two..
Sunday- The lazy of all lazy days. Caleb got back in the early morning
so we ended up grilling for the chiefs game...they lost.. surprise.
But then he had a fab idea! We have this movie theater where they play
movies that came out a few months ago, and only charge 3 bucks.
So we went and saw the Dark Knight Rises. I had never seen it,
and caleb..well he went and saw it at the midnight premier.
what a NERRRD.
I kid. I kid. Who saw 3 Harry Potters at the mid night premieres..this girl.
Anywhoos, to 'catch up' we watched the other batmans for the rest of the day before
we went to the 8pm showing.
Wild Sunday, yep.
here a few pictures from saturday--
 the theme was 'tv/movie characters' and katie (on the left)
was Zoey Deschenelle.

Well there ya have it ladies.
how was YOUR WEEKEND?!

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