Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

it was a crazy weekend that was just GO-GO-GO!
Phew! It was one of the best weekends i have had in a while.
I am ready to get back down to business though and get more sub jobs and
work more on this blog :)
I have a few exciting things to share with you tomorrow about
this little blog but you will have to wait til tomorrow because
i cannot wait to tell you all about my weekend!
Friday- Alrighty so friday I was pretty much a bum all day. I went
to lunch with my friend Jessica and then waited for my friend Alex to get to town.
She lives in STL and came down to visit for homecoming. (it was homecoming
weekend for the university I went to). So after alex got here
we ran some errands made dinner and then got ready. Friday night was an
alumni event for the business organization i was in during college. We all went to this
bar downtown and have a wonderful loud ( i lost my voice!) time. However
before we had a few drinks at my friend Chris' apartment before.
got a little wild...with that group it's bound to happen!
It was such a good time catching up and being around
such good friends.
Saturday- Well saturday was the CRAZY day! After alex and I drug our poor bods home
from the bar around one am we slept like little babies until about 9am to which my alarm
was telling us that we were no longer 19 year olds and cannot drink and then get up
the next day looking fresh... anyways we cleaned ourselves up downed 
about a gallon of water, inhaled McDonald's breakfast and headed to
the tailgate. How people who were out til 2am can partying can be ready to drink at 10am
is  beyond me. I was chugging water and trying to stay upright most of the tailgate.
We had a great time though. There was TONS of food and mostly just friends having a wonderful time.
After the tailgate a nap was DEFINITELY in the cards for us. So napped we did, of course we had
to have bravo on the tv. After a little beauty sleep, i woke up made caleb's birthday
cake and we got ready to hit the town.
Caleb's birthday celebration was a BLAST!! Everyone had such a good time.
A few too many Jack Daniels shots were had, but hey
the birthday boy gets what he wants. We danced, laughed, drank
and i think he had a pretty spectacular birthday!
Sunday- I went to a Waffle House. Yes, i ventured somewhere i hoped to never go and let me tell you, it was delish. Gross & greasy but delish and just what caleb's hangover needed.
There was of course napping (what else do we do on sundays?)
then caleb took me to dinner we did a little target shopping
and then watched football the rest of the evening.
It was a fab weekend. Now today is actually Caleb's birthday
so I am making him dinner and we are gonna have the rest of the
birthday cake!
How was your weekend??
oh and here is the photo dump!
Alex & I
Amanda and I
I told ya... a little wild.
Alan had a few drinks..
Jack Daniels for the birthday boy!
Here is a little better picture.
The black trim is leather-like
material and the back turns into a razorback
i don't have a picture of it though.
Caleb and I
JO and I
Stay tuned for tomorrow
for exciting blog things :)
Have a great day!!


  1. Sounds like a crazy busy weekend! Love that chevron shirt by the way, so cute!

  2. where did you get your shirt at from friday night? i LOVE it!!

    yay for awesome weekends!

    1. I actually got it at RUE 21 for like 15 bucks. They had tons of patterns and solids!

  3. Love that chevron top and your leather jacket. Your weekend looks like it was lots of fun.


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