Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I know this is a little late comin'
to you guys but i have been running errands
all day. Then of course I had to get caught up on blogs
and i really had zero motivation to write this post all day.
 lazy bum.
Anywhoooos this weekend was a pretty great one
if i do say so myself :)
Friday: Caleb and I just stayed in. We went and got DQ and
watched movies. We laid around and drank a few budlights and
were pretty much good for nothings all night, and it was wonderful!
Saturday: We woke up early. I was up by 8:30.  8:30 on a
saturday for NO reason! Who am i? Anywhoos
being the good girlfriend I am i made breakfast which consisted
of bacon, cheesy eggs and fresh sausage.
caleb made coffee. what a gem ;)
Then after i went home showered and got all spiffy
we went to his godson's first birthday party.
It was just a little gathering but it was so fun!
Cake, snacks and cute babies and AMAZING weather.
I didn't bring my camera but here are two
that i stole borrowed from lacey!
caleb and the birthday boy playing
oh just enjoying his cake
how freaking cute :)
after the party caleb and i were in a full on clean mode for
his apartment. We cleaned it top to bottom..except his bathroom..thats all on him.
We..err i mean caleb made deer steaks for dinner then headed out to Jimmy & Lacey's
to sit in the hot tub for the rest of the evening. Where they live right now is a little ways
out of town the stars are incredible out there! It was so relaxing.
Sunday: We ran around town doing errands etc. Then watched football
(the chiefs were off this week...maybe a good thing?) and then we napped.
That was pretty much the excitement of the day.
crazy kids.
Anywhoos that was my weekend!
How was yours???


  1. I worked and homework basically my weekends are lazy haha


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