Thursday, October 18, 2012

the bent mail key {pissed off edition}

A bent mail key.
that is what i received from my apartment complex!
Now it's not like i get a whole lot of mail.
But what i do get is important.
Electric bills, pay checks, wedding invites, care package
from my mom, blog swaps.
legit stuff.
Well when i first moved in there was NO mail key for my mailbox
and the lady in the office said and i quote
"we will have to get another one made"
no big deal, it wasn't expecting mail for a while anyway
well i went in yesterday
 (A WEEK AFTER MOVE IN! I wanted to give them time to get it)
and they handed me a mail key.
Now I didn't check my mail right then
because they mail lady was in the middle of putting mail in my buildings
and i am nice lady and didn't want to crowd in while she was doing her biz.
boxes so i just left and decided to come back later.
So this morning I head over there. I have been expecting
a disk for my 'new' printer aka my mom's old one.
Well what do i find when i get there?
it was not closed?
So i opened it up and it was full of mail.
Mostly coupons or whatever and a few old envelopes with the last person who
lived there last name. So then I took everything out and went to stick the key in so i can
lock it and oh wait...
the key wont go in?
so after further examination, the tip of the key is bent!!
yes this is my life.
So i walk up to the office and explain what is going on.
I tell her that my mail box was left open and the key is bent!
Her first response "oh the mail person probably left it open"
no shit.
BUT HELLLLO i don't want my box just left open for someone to go through.
then she proceeds to tell me they will have to drill (aka reset?) the lock
but they can only do it while the mail person is there.
and the entire time she is giving me a fabulous combo
of attitude and a "i don't give a shit" tone.
beeesh i will cut you.
Then she says... "well i will let the maintenance know"
UH.... I want this shiz taken care of STAT!
I need to get into my mailbox.
do i not deserve to get into my OWN mailbox??
I am paying rent here, i am entitled to a lockable mail box!
am i wrong people?  i think not.
This is the look i am going to giving.
needless to say I am going back up to the office to day and demanding it be taken care of.
/end rant.
 oh and after all that the installation CD for the printer told me
that my computer was NON COMPATIBLE
for the printer.



  1. Ugh I hate apartment complex staff like that. I got really lucky and lived in a complex last year where the office people were SUPER cheerful and nice.

    My sister however is having a horrible time where she moved to. She is afraid to call them with problems because they were so mean to her about getting her internet set up (it took them 3 week) and they rude every time she called.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is awful! I'd be so mad! I hope they get it taken care of soon!


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