Friday, October 19, 2012


glad to see ya!
too bad it seems you to forever to get here.
don't worry i won't hold it against you!
I am so ready for the weekend!
I am making caleb take me to a pumpkin patch..aka most likely
walmart to get a pumpkin to carve!!
We al have his godsons first birthday tomorrow!
He is the most precious babeh i have seen! I cannot wait to celebrate!
But before i head out for my 1/2 day of subbing
makin' that dolla and i get to sleep in, i like this.
I wanted to tell you guys something!
I cannot believe there are 28 of you guys out there who would
want to follow me.
Yes i know there are blogs out there that have hundreds
or even thousands of followers
and who knows maybe one day i might hit triple digits
but i am not too worried about that. I am so grateful for those
of you who follow me. I never thought I would get any followers
let alone almost 30. Those of you who comment and send me such
wonderful thoughts.
I truly appreciate you.
My goal is to get to you guys better. I am so envious of those bloggers who have such
close relationships with fellow bloggers. I want that. I want to get to you guys better
and for you to know me better.
So if i don't know you introduce yourself.
and even if we have talked before
still do it :)
Thank you again and i hope your friday is quite amazing.

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  1. I'd like toget to know you :) email me


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