Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Confessions

How did Sunday get here so fast??
It was literally Friday like 5 minutes ago.
It was a pretty great weekend though.
Friends, booze and insane storms.
I will fill you in tomorrow on all of that
but today
I have some confessions-
I confess i cannot hang like i used. I am completely and utterly
exhausted after two nights out n about getting my drink on.
I confess I had steak n shake last night. This is NOT part of
Project get Skinnnaay.
I confess that i have only repinned 3-4 things on Pinterest
in the past week. Slacker.
I confess Jillian Michaels kicked my booty this week
and i didn't keep up with it. Again not part of project skinny.
I confess i laid on my couch all day yesterday and watched BRAVO.
I confess I have only made my bed once since i have moved in.
I confess that I gave up on my Cardinals when they were down 6 during
Friday's game.. PS they still won!! 12 IN 12!!!
I confess that i wish i blogged about deeper more riveting things.
I confess that i didnt take as many pictures as i should have this weekend.
I confess i HATE shaving my legs. thank god its almost winter.
hello leggings and jeans.
do you have any confessions?
Happy Sunday lovlies. Only 6 days til friday :)

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  1. Haha! Only 6 days till Friday indeed. ;) Glad you had a good weekend, girl!


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