Tuesday, October 2, 2012

pack pack pack

Packing is taking over my life.
I have gotten a lot done and I am SO ready for the move.
I am not looking forward to the unpacking however. Hanging up all my clothes
is going to take forever. FOR-EVAAAA. (sandlot anyone?)
We have brought a lot of stuff up from downstairs.
The majority of that stuff will go in the van
or moving truck but I wanted it all upstairs so we can just carry it
out on friday evening. easy peasy.
yeah right.
I am SO excited to go to springfield tomorrow.
I cannot wait to see caleb! It's been two whole weeks
and i miss him! /end mushy-ness.
I am getting ready for a little lunch with my adorable
friend Lisa. Man oh Man do i love that lady!
She was in my sorority and i have known her for about
5 years and she is the true definition of a real friend.
:) this was from last winter i believe!
So that is about the excitement for today.
It's wild & crazy here in st. charles, mo
BY THE WAY-- is anyone else SO excited for the release od
Cinderella? It's all digitally remastered and shiz.
well this girl is stoked!
As cliche as it sounds this is one of my fave disney movies.
along with Mulan and Little Mermaid..duh
i cannot wait to buy it
and add it to my collection. however don't you worry your pretty
little head, my VHS undigitally remastered version
is safe in my collection as well.



  1. Definitely any Disney movie is awesome :) Love Cinderelllaaa!!


    1. Me too! I still love sitting down and watching a disney movie on a rainy day!


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