Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

happy hump day.
Well the car is packed and everything is pulled up from the basement.
Opperation move back to springfield is in full swing.
thank god.
I will be leaving shortly for the mind numbing 3 hour drive.
one straight highway, completly flat landscape alone.
true life.
but before i go i of course had to link up for
Oh How Pinteresting.
have you followed me on pinterest??
you should.
I will of course follow you back.
Anywhoos tomorrow is the day i get to sign my lease and get my keys.
then i get to unload and hang up all my clothes.
let's not even talk about how long that will take.
am i allowed to drink wine at noon while i unpack
my clothes...alone in my new apartment.
especially since my wine glasses will be packed away
until saturday which would mean I would be
solo cuppin' it.
I see nothing wrong with this.
okay oaky--- to think link up.
how cozy does this look?

I want this cuff
When i have an actual laundry room this would be perfect
i cried.
How sexy is this jacket
one of my fave movies of all time
there is no reason this shouldn't be repinned.
Did you link up?
Wish me luck tomorrow
because girrrrl I am gonna need it.
and a glass of moscato.


  1. Have a safe drive! I cried too! That young girl is too sweet for words! Love ALL of the pins this week!

  2. After watching Easy A, I decide that is the kind of parent I want to be. :) Love that movie!!


  3. Ah I love easy A. Hope you're loving your new place!


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