Monday, October 8, 2012


what  a crazy weekend.
This is the first time I am able to sit down and just sit.
I got all my stuff moved in within the last three days!
Let me tell ya it was rough. I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP!
okay its not crap but just a lot of stuff. But we got it all done and decorated
and I am in love with it. I still have a few things to get like extension cords
a cable box etc etc, but over all it looks so great.
My parents and caleb are life savers and helped me so much and i am so blessed
to have them.
Moving did go pretty smoothly just took quite a while. I didnt really take
any pictures while moving because I am pretty sure they would have killed
me for not working and taking pictures. Plus we were all sweaty messes
even though it was freakin 49 degrees outside.
I promise I will be catching up on all your blogs today and tonight.
I feel like I am so OUT of the loop because I have not read ONE
SINLE blog entry in almost 5 days.
Alrighty well here are pictures of the apartment.
please forgive any lose cords or random boxes you see
because I still have a few things to put away.
PS i already have a sub job set up for
this week. Keep your fingers crossed that they keep rolling in.
I am going to be sending out apps tomorrow and wednesday to get
on more school districts.
Lving Room-
My shower curtain is in the wash so I don't have anything bathroom
pictures and plus the counter is a bit of a mess. If I remember I will
take one tomorrow.
Happy Monday Dolls!


  1. I love it lady! I need a big letter like that for my house, except for an A! Where did you get it?

    1. AWW THANK YA! You need to post pictures of your place. I am dying to see it! Well my mom got it for me, an I think she either got it at hobby lobby or homegoods. It was brown and she just painted it!

  2. Love your bedspread, I've seen it at Target and almost purchased it every single time I went in there! Congrats on the new place!

    1. thank ya! I love it too! I am so picky and looked forever for a duvet cover that i liked! So glad i found this one!

  3. Looks great! Isnt it fun to decorate a new place!?


    1. YES! that was what I was looking forward to the most!

  4. I really just wanna get my own apartment to decorate myself .., one day


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