Thursday, October 11, 2012

Inspire me healthy {getting skinnnnay}

All In My Twenties
 Alrighty well since the big move I haven't gotten many workouts in.
NO BUENO. When I toured the apartment complex
the woman (who no longer works here bc she got fired...)
said they would be buying new gym equipment.
well i went to the office and asked, because it had been over
a month since i did the tour and the new office woman
said "well we might be getting a treadmill, not sure yet"
I am pissed.
Having a gym and good
cardio equipment was one of the things that tipped the
scales to me signing a lease here.

needless to say i was pissed.

But I went down to the gym on Tuesday to
try and make the best of the equipment.
the 'elipticals' were pretty much made back in the 70s
and the digitial screen did not work. It made a LOUD
squeaky rackety sound plus one of the knobs on the bottom
to keep it level was missing to is rocked back and forth.

insert more pissed off.

well I made it about 15 minutes before i just couldnt take it.
Now caleb does have a fitness facility in his apartment complex that
i can use but I am going to try and find at home
workouts to do without equipment. YES, I know I can go outside
and run, but I am not a runner (yet) and i feel like I would give up
especially since its getting cold out and I don't want to set myself up for failure.
I need good cardio workouts though.

I do have Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred that really kicks my butt
so I plan on doing that but I am looking for other cardio/abs
circut training type workouts. I have pinned a few--
This will help me mix it up but also get my
cardio in.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Thoughts? Do they look good?
Any thoughts, suggestions, tips??

yeah yeah I know I am spoiled. I had a fab professional gym in st. charles
with 40 treadmills/ellipticals and any weight machine i wanted to use.
I miss it. Project: Get Skinny is not going to happen without
getting good workouts in.

We shall see how this goes.
wish me luck.

I think i might try this
ab workout too.
Did you link up?


  1. Oh man, that's awful! Having a great gym was one of the best perks of apartment living. Now I have to drive 10 minutes to the gym instead of just walking out my front door, haha! Anyway, hopefully they will get new equipment soon!

  2. Oh no that sucks about your complex! I've heard that and the tone it up girls are really good! Ive been wanting to try out some at home workouts too!


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