Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll be there for you {friends}

I have some pretty fab friends.
True story.

I have been blessed with having wonderful friends for most of my life.
Now, they haven't all stayed in my life.
People come and go.
That is just how life is.
No matter, if we have been friends for 10 years
or 1 year. I am blessed to have them.
There was a reason they were brought into my life.
Have you ever heard the quote-
"people walk in to your life. Somtimes they stay for a moment, a while or sometimes they
stay forever."
I am huge believer in that.
It took me a while. I used to get sad or even mad when i would drift apart
from someone or when our friendship fell apart.
Now, I have to let it go.
All things happen for a reason.

I have just been sitting here thinking about the people who have come through
my life and how much they meant to me.
Did they stay? Sometimes no, but I needed them for some reason or
another and i am lucky they were there.
Or perhaps they needed me, and i sure hope i did whatever it
it was  I was suppose to do.
During high school I had great friends. They were and still are
wonderful people.
We stayed up until 4 am talking
about boys, eating junk food and gossiping.
Saying goodbye when I went to college was extremely hard.
Did we stay in touch? Yeah, for the first year or so.
But as life goes, we drifted apart.
Was I sad? Of course. But life happens.
Does that diminish the strength of the friendship we had?
absolutely not.
Throughout college I made many friends.
Some friends i studied with.
Some friends i partied with.
Some friends i laid on the couch watched bravo and drank wine with.
Some were all three.
Over the course of the 5 years since i started and graduated from college
friendships have been made and friendships have been lost.
Did they all end badly? No. Did some? Yes.
I have grown from each and every single friendship.
After this past weekend I have realized how lucky i am.
Whether or not we still talk everyday
or not I have/had amazing people in my life.
I have also realized it's the little things that i need to remember and be
grateful for.
I am trying so hard to cherish the moments with the friends
that i have and to work to strengthen each one of those

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  1. So true! Like you I have been so blessed by the friendships I've had. Both those who have been in my life for a short time and those who have been here for me for years. But yeah, friendships are such a blessing. :)


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