Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Friday {it's friday!}

Well hello Friday :)
nice to see ya!

Well i am getting ready to head out to sub. I am subbing 5th grade
today and I am pretty excited. Yesterday was 4th grade and they
were good, chatty of course, but good!
This weekend is going to be a crazy one.
There is a new member event for the business organization
i was in during college and of course since i am back
i need am going to go.
I really hope my bod survives this weekend.
I wish i was lying about the fact that I watched Jersey Shore last night.
I am sick. I know.
I do love trashy reality tv, but Jersey Shore really takes the cake.
I am obsessed with the trashiness of what is the shore house.
Any one else watch?
or was everyone watching the vp debate?
politics smolitics. i didn't need to watch it because twitter
basically gave me a play by play.
I love when people who know nothing about politics
rant and rant rant about it.
PS i don't know much, thus i keep any thoughts to myself.

back to real life..err i mean jshore 
Thank god Snooks left the house and is now living alone
in a  clean, safe pro-preggo space. Is mike going to stay clean
all season? Deena is already meatballin crazy!
things are gonna get cray...oh and roger
really push jenni? wtf
This is the shit that keeps me coming back.
i need a life.
Happy Friday!
Have a good one!
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  1. Hope the fifth graders are nice to you today and that you have fun! :)


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