Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Weekend Re-Cap

Well I had a mess up with posts.
Grrr. My Friday Post about my plans
for the weekend and DIY project posted as a Tuesday
i dno...whatever. Technology was NOT my friend.
Anywhoos--- let me re cap the weekend.

anyways this weekend we (meaning my mom, dad and yours truly)
went to see my sister at college. She goes to the
University of Central Missouri.
She is studying History & Anthropology.
she's a smartie.
So it was family weekend and there were all these fun-filled
family activities. okay fun-filled is a stretch.
There was a tailgate (booze free), football game
and a talent show. We of course attended all three.
We drove up friday evening and went to dinner
at this little mexican place. I enhaled a chicken burrito.
no big.
Saturday is when all the events took place. Since it was family weekend
we got to buy tickets to the BBQ cookout. It was pretty good
then we headed out to the game. Which they WON!
WOOO! Go Mules!
After that we headed back to the hotel to change and went to dinner
at this little bar and grill place. Not too shabby for
a tiny place. It was nice to sit back and relax in
with the family. So after a few too many french fries,
(yeah the healthy eating went to hell in a hand basket this weekend)
we left for the talent show.
NOW i was expecting the worst!
A long show of people who thought they were the next carrie underwood
belting out ballad after ballad to which their own tone
deaf ears could not hear a proper pitch to save themselves.
however, i was pleasantly surprised.
there was a lot of singing, but that singing was not terrible.
In fact some of it was pretty great. Yes there were a few who
thought they were top notch, and fell extremely short
but over all it was pretty good.
Sunday we headed home really early,
okay like 9:30 am. My sister was going to the see the chiefs
game (who lost...). SO we had to get up and say our goodbyes
and travel the three hours home under extremely cloudy skies.
So now i sit here  putting off packing
not because I don't want to, but because
its so overwhelming. Want to help a sister out?
alrighty here are some pictures from the lovely weekend--
Emily and I before the game.
mom and dad before the game.
(a bit blurry)
 in the stands before the game
the band and baton twirler
tailgate and game tickets
emily and i at the game.
Forgive me looking so yucko. Even though it's
the end of september it was HOT and my
make up ran straight off!
Have a great monday:)
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