Friday, September 14, 2012

What you got in that cup?

Well hello lovlies!
Its pouring down rain here in Springfield to I have been couching it in
for most of the morning! Caleb was suppose to play in a
softball game tonight but looks like it will be canceled.
I was really looking forward to drinking budlight and
watching the boys make fools of themselves.
 just kidding :)
Anywhoos just wanted to drop in and say hello.
I didnt get to read blogs yesterday, JUST ONE DAY
and I feel like I am so behind!  I promise to catch up though!
I wanted to share with you this 'newer' artist
that i have recently really gotten into. He isn't brand new to the scene
but recently became popular. I am a country music lover
and I am entirely TOO obsessed with this guy!
His name is Thomas Rhett.
His newest hit is
'something to do with my hands'
which i fell totally in love with! So as per usual
I scoured youtube for more songs to. I found a few
(okay i love all of them) that i adore! He is 22 years
old and a total babe. Well of course he as a great voice
and seems to be a genuine guy.
That is what i like most about country artists. They always seem
to be genuine and good hearted.
Except taylor swift. hate the bish.
Anywhoos- check these out.
you will fall in love with him too.
'If I could have a beer with jesus' 
'what you got in that cup' 
Isn't he adorable!? There are more videos on youtube.
So far I dont think he has any actual music videos but these are just
fine for me. I really hope he makes it big!
What do you think?

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