Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well HELLO mr. sunshine.

Happy Tuesday!
Well i am still in springfield but I am heading home tomorrow
morning! I planned on leaving this morning, but Joanna's
(caleb's freaking awesome neighb that i am obsessed with)
birthday is today! So I had to stay for her dinner tonight.
however the cash flow is getting narrower and narrower
so it's time for me to head on home and start getting ready for the
This weekend was fun but fairly uneventful.
Friday- Caleb's softball game ended up not getting canceled
so we headed out in the damp chilly weather.
Jo and Jessica joined me as we paper toweled the picnic tables seats
that were still soaking wet and watched the boys get their
butts kicked. They were actually mercy-ed out in the 6th inning.
yikes. However we all ended back at caleb's and a few guys from
his work came over and we downed a few brewskies and
had a grand ole' time.
Saturday- MORE EFFING RAIN! We were going to tailgate
for the MSU football game, but it sprinkled/spit/rained ALL DAY LONG!
So we ended up just staying in and watching college football all day.
Napped, ate, napped and had a lazy lazy day. Saturday evening we went
out to electric cowboy and danced and drank and did the damn thing.
Sunday- YOU GUESSED IT! more rain/overcast.
But we did grill burgers and brats and watched Chiefs football.
Caleb LOVES the chiefs, so you can imagine his feelings
on how they played on Sunday. YIKES!
better luck next week! 
oh and more napping happened.
Well there you have it.
was my entire weekend!
 and i am not complaining!

Today there is finally some SUNSHINE :)
and i am loving it!!

I am feeling like a terrible blogger
and i promise to be much better


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