Thursday, September 20, 2012

To-Do Lists && a Garage Sale

Is it already Thursday?
this week is flying by. Granted I spent most of it in Springfield
but still, geez. This makes me happy, i want the next 16
days to fly by, because then I WILL BE officially
moved back to springfield. EEEK :)
I cannot even begin to think about packing. Yes, I know
most of my stuff is in the storage locker
(and let me tell you unpacking that is going to be a beyotch)
but that is mostly furniture and boxes.
Which means I cannot forget anything in there.
Out of the locker and into the truck.
The house is a different story. I have lived here for
four months and who knows where i have put things.
I am afraid i am going to miss something.
Then there is the actual packing.
The packing of my clothes in my dresser
consisted of shoving them trash bags.
No folding. Just Shoving.
Now I know that I dont really have to worry about packing
for a little while but I am already making a to-do list.
I am SO excited to move back, if it wasn't
crazy I would start packing NOW!!
Well my mom's garage sale is this weekend.
Oh joy. (sarcasm)
here is the before photos.
hopefully all of the crap treasures
will go home with some lucky people.
almost all of this stuff is for the garage sale.
my parents garage NEVER looks like this.
old school exercise equipment.
yep, selling my easy bake oven
who even knows..
Oh and you might be wondering why I am not linking
up with inspire me:healthy this week.
WELL...i have not worked out ONCE
since last week. I was in springfield
and forgot my sneakers. Not an excuse I know
but, it didn't happen. I did go to the gym
this morning though-

Thursday 9/20
30 Min on Elliptical

Weight machines-
enjoy your thursday:)

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