Tuesday, September 4, 2012

stella got her groove back.

ah i am back!!
I may not be stella, but i do feel
like i have my groove back on.
I just got back from a wonderful weekend in springfield!
My poor camera died and i didn't get any pictures.
I cannot believe i forgot my charger.
Things in my life have been
a whole lot better. Things are a bit of a work
in progress I think, but much better :)
So anywhoos a quick recap of the weekend--
I went down thursday evening and we ended up going out
with Caleb, a few of his friends and then my two lovely
gal pals, Lindsey and Jessica. We had a fab time
of dancing and a few cran and vodkas.
oh and i guess a late night taco bell run.
Do i still think i am in college?
i guess so.
Friday, I caught up with a few friends from my
business organization at school and went to
branson to visit Lindsey and to see
her new classroom. It is AMAZING!
I am way too jealous, but also so proud of her
and how great it looked. We pretty much ate junk food
and watched TLC all night. Wild Friday, jealous?
Duh, i know.
Saturday it POURED cats and dogs all day
but we still pressed on and met up with
some friends I graduated with at a karaoke
I have zero guts, L-AME.
Sunday and Monday were pretty much the same.
Caleb and I sat on the couch and relaxed.
He did make me dinner Monday night though.
Presh :)
So I come home today and my poooor kitty
had some type of bite/allergic reaction
and has bitten or scratched a huge chunk of fur
off her back.
She now has to wear a cone
and take yucky medicine. She acts all gimpy
and wobbles around the house.
She is really milking it.
( i have pictures, and I will upload the pics tomorrow
after my camera charges)
Well I hope your long weekend was fun
and I am back in the swing of things
in real life and the blog world.
I am so glad!


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