Friday, September 7, 2012

Real Housewives obsession

Confesh Sesh'
Okay, So I have a confession.
I am addicted to reality TV. The trashier the better.
I do not hide it at all. I am a sucker for all those terrible shows out there
and the Networks like Bravo, E!, TLC and MTV just keep
sucking me in. I am their prime demographic. plain & simple.
I will save you my analysis (aka love and obsession)
for shows such a Toddlers & Tiaras or
Jersey Shore--- fist pump, YEAH!
i am obnoxious.
However today, I want to share my thoughts on a little gem
that i can watch literally ALL DAY LONG.
The Real Housewives Franchise.
I am completely and utterly obsessed.
with all the seasons.
I do have my favorites and those that push me to the brink
of anger and annoyed-ness (not a word, i know but moving on)
But we will get to that later.
Here are a few thoughts on the show as a whole-
Why is it called Real HOUSEWIVES
when about 1/2 are not married at all? Literally during one of the seasons
on New York (long ago when Bethenny was still gracing us with her
presence, she was single btw) over 3/4 WERE NOT MARRIED! Don't you need to be a wife
to be part of houseWIVES? They were not even wives to start out with
they came on the show TOTALLY SINGLE. Prime example: Carole Radziwill.
She is one of the new housewives of NYC this season. She is SINGLE!!
yes, she was married and lost her husband to cancer, however
she is no longer married and on the hunt for a new man
I love her, don't get me wrong, but how.
did she land this gig?
 She is WEALTHY.
That is why basically anyone is on this show. They are wealthy.
Whether it be their own success, or for those who are actually
married, their husband's success. Now of course people love to
watch others on TV who have a fabulous life and have amazing homes
blah blah blah. It's true. However, the wastefullness of many
of these women is extraordinary. 100,000's of thousands
of dollars spent on a 4year olds bday? coughTAYLORARMSTRONGcough
WHAT??? I cannot remember my 4th birthday party. Can you?
I bet Kennedy won't either.
/end rant.
Let us now move on to my faves
and not so faves.
Favorite City
The original city. LOVE.
I just love all the ladies that have come and gone through the seasons.
with the exception of one-
Alexis Bellino. I HATE HER.
yes i hate someone I have never met.
watch one episode and you will totally agree. Not only am I so incredibly embarrassed
that she hails from my Missouri, the fact that she said and I quote
"girls from Missouri only like to wear tshirts and jeans"
I could go on for HOURS about her, but i won't
I cannot pick one Fave Housewife because i have a few

Caroline Manzo- New Jersey
Tamra Barney- Orange County
Jeanna Keough- Orange County
Kyle Richards-  Beverly Hills
Phaedra Parks- Atlanta
All of these gals make their seasons, IMO.
I cannot really say I have a least favorite season
however I really didn't enjoy DC OR Miami.
However, Miami is returning and luckily my least favorite women who
are  the ones who led my to my most  annoyed-ness
are not returning. Hallelujah!
The fights, the drama, the clothes (yes i lust their outfits), the vacays, the children
HELLO ALBIE MANZO all keep me tuning in each week.
I cannot help myself. It never gets old. AND HEY their drama and crazyness
keeps Andy Cohen in business for a talk show.
have a great weeeeeekend :)

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  1. Orange county women are BY FAR my favorite! I head they are doing a RHO Dallas? Read a few different reviews though and not sure if it's true or not...


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