Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

happy hump day.
of course I am linking up for
Oh How Pinteresting!
but before we get to that I just found out that
all the office people in my new apt complex got the boot.
That's right, all fired.
Worrisome? a bit.
However this puts a kink in my moving plan.
Since they will be hiring/training new people
they most likely will not have anyone in the office
a week from saturday, which is when i plan to move in.
Well I am NOT about to wait until Monday, and plus
if i want my parents and Caleb's help moving
(which obviously i do!)
I need to do it during the weekend. SO i get to drive
down next week probably wednesday evening
so i can get my keys thursday morning. I will
be moving my clothes and other odds and ends that day, so it
is less we have to do on saturday. THEN i get to drive home
friday morning, to load all the stuff in the storage locker
into a truck, load my car/parents van up
and drive back to springfield on saturday morning.
lots of driving.
who goes and gets themselves fired from an apartment complex office?
so annoying.
 okay to the link up----

 if you don't know what this means
youtube it. thank me later
i need this!
i love this
I love this whole outfit

are you linking up?


  1. Visiting from the link up! I can feel that baby's pain! lol

  2. that taylor swift one is hilarious - so dang true!! lol.

  3. Luke Bryan's butt. But seriously, praise Jesus.

  4. my apartment complex staff swaps in and out so many times, it's hard to know who even works there any more!

    good luck!!

    happy wednesday!

    xo, sarah grace


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