Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspire me healthy

Alright well I am back on the fitness bandwagon.
I am really trying to make my workouts counts and really push myself
Sometimes i feel like i have a little drill sargent
in my head screaming,
"YOU BETTER KEEP GOING! Anyone can make it another 5 minutes!
Get your ass in those jeans!"

but pretty much the whole time i hate it.
i hate working out. I just want to be a skinny beesh
who can eat whatever she wants
however, i cannot. my metabolism is zip and i gain weight
 just driving by a mickie dees. that is the reality.
so i gotta get my butt to the gym
and live on oranges and broccoli.
(okay that last part is not true, but sometimes i feel like it)
All In My Twenties

Ookay- to the link up. let's see what i did at the gym this week!

Thursday- 9/20 (yes i know i shared this last week but
 i wanted to put it in with this one)
30 Min on Elliptical
Weight machines-

Friday- 9/21
30 minutes on Elliptical
Weight machines-
upper chest/biceps
Hip raises
regular crunches (feet on exercise ball)
side crunches
Leg Stretching

Saturday & Sunday- 9/22-23
Filled with the garage sale and
diy projects for my mom...
thus no working out. Headed back tomorrow morning!

Monday- 9/24
30 minutes on treadmill
(i didnt keep track of how many i was doing--at least 30 per each though)
Regular crunches
Crunches with legs on exercise ball
lower ab raises
side crunches
Weight machines-
Inner thigh
Outer Thigh
Leg Stretching

30  minutes on Elliptical
10 minutes (high intensity) on the bike
-------Total 45 min of Cardio
Weight Machines
Inner Thigh
Outer Thigh

Wednesday- 9/26
No workout

30 minutes on treadmill
50 Regular crunches
30 (per side) side crunches
30 hip raises
30 lower abs


  1. Oh man, I was just feeling lazy and thinking I would skip my jazzercise class. I won't now. It is hard to stay motivated. And I have noticed that the older I get, the more I can eat like I did when I was 16. What the crap? I mean, I knew I wasn't a young kid anymore but I like to pretend that I am so I can have two desserts and wine every single day....


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. I think wine everyday is just FINE! haha :) I wish i could eat like i did when i was little..or at least not care about it as much.


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