Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspire me healthy {project get skinnnayyy}

All In My Twenties
Alrighty so I have been working out
and eating a lot better since i moved home in June. I have not
been extremely consistent however.
So I am going to be using this link up
by two of the most hilarious bloggers I have come across to stay accountable
and get this booty in shape. As I stated before, I DO NOT want to HAVE to buy new
jeans this fall.
Anywhooooser-  Kristen & Raven
have this great fitness/health link up and i am joining in!
I hope you are too!!

My plan as of now for this link up
 is to keep track of my workouts
each week. I will document exactly what i do at the gym.
I also will add different things like if i find (and actually try)
healthy recipes or goals for the next week.


I haven't hit the gym today yet, but yesterday i did and
it was the first time in OVER AN ENTIRE WEEK!
ugh. terrible. So i only have one
entry for this post. Next week I will obviously have more.

Wednesday- 9/5
25 minutes on the treadmill (intervals of power walking/running)
15 minutes on the bike
_____________________ total: 40 minutes of cardio

Abs- 50 regular crunches
50 pelvic lifts (feet on exercise ball- raising hips)
20 (per side) crunches
2 30second plank

Leg Stretching

Goals for next week...
Increase cardio (add more running on treadmill)
Add more planks

here's to getting healthy!


I appreciate all your sweet comments, they truly make my day. I do my very best to respond to everyone who leaves a comment!

have a wonderful day :)