Saturday, September 22, 2012

HAGGLERS BEWARE! {garage sale day!}

Garage Sale- DONE
It wasn't as 'poppin' as i thought. A lot of browsers
not a lot of buyers. I mean we did make a bit over 
300 bones. Not to shabby. We still had to haul a lot
of crap back into the garage though that
the salvation army is coming to get later this week.
It started up at about 7am which means this little ginger
was up at 5:30 begging for coffee and putting all our
treasures out on the tables and the yard.
Also what is with these hagglers?
A lot of our stuff was priced at between 50 cents
and 5 bucks and people were STILL haggling.
"will you take 3 dollars for this purse priced at 5?"
"hell no lady. I will take five!"
"How about a buck for this 2 dollar candle holder"
"get real"

Bigger ticket items (ie over ten bucks) I can understand bargining
or haggling. Under 5 buckeroos, HELL NO.
Then there were the people who looked at items for about
25 minutes that only cost ONE DOLLAR!!
you got it, i had this lady look at wall hanging
deal that was priced at a buck for over
20 minutes. She hemmed and hawed
and then walked away.
You can't spare a dollar for something you took that much time to look at?
get outta here hussy.
Well whatever it's done and over with.
and only two weeks until
the big move. WAHOO :))

excited at 6am, i would say so!
northface fleece, leggings, slip-ons and a scarf
perfect fall comfy outfit
my first bed frame from my first 'big girl' bed
mom is so excited! (oh and thats my dad and my
aunt kathy in the back!)
Hope your saturday was fab!

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  1. Haha, I love it! Hagglers under $5 are CRAZY! Hope you are having a good weekend :)


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