Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fancies- Football Frenzy

Now i am not the most fashionable gal out there
mostly because bank a-la Sarah is loooow on funds.
However, I do think that i know what looks good
and i sometimes know how to throw a look together.
Well i am linking up for the
very first time for
Friday Fancies.
I have seen this link up a few times and i really liked it.
This week's theme is Football Frenzy!
I of course had to pick my fave team.
 Nebraska Cornhuskers!
Love that red & white!
So here is what i would wear to a game
in mid september.
Really simple and comfortable
but classic.
What do you think??
The garage sale is tomorrow so i get to do last minute
pricing and organizing for the rest of the day.
Enjoy your friday lovlies :)


  1. I love the outfit. You're right, very classic - but the shoes step it up notch! Have fun at the garage sale! xx, Allie

    1. thanks lady! I am in love with those sperrys!


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