Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY decorating madness

Happy Tuesday Boozeday?
(OH WAIT..i am not in college anymore)
How's every one's Tuesday going? Fab I hope.
I am just sitting here filling out and printing out sub
apps for multiple school districts in and around
Springfield. Pretty exciting stuff.
I act like its hard, but in reality I am way too excited
for the fact that I am moving back :) EEEK.
So in honor of having my new apartment I having been perusing
my DIY/Dream Home pinterest board for idea on how to
spruce the apartment up and make it my own :)
In all my other apartments i had nice decorations but it never
felt...home-y. I am determined to make it cozy but also
having it be DIY-fabulous. Love my glue gun.
Now this apartment is a bit smaller than my last one bedroom,
but i have great wall space and room for lovely designs.
Here are few things you should know--
  • my living room/kitchen are warm color tones I have a dark red couch, with dark wood furniture, and red/gold throw pillows etc.
  • my room is black, white, and teal
  • my bathroom is black white and purple.
 I probably wont be doing all of these right away
in the new place but over time i want to accomplish most if
not all of these.
I already have a mirror from walmart
and you can make the frame from 1x4s from home depot
I love the idea of painting or wall paper-ing
the back of a book shelf. I would probably paint.
with small black/purple pebbles
I am obsessed. I want this in my room.
Painted gold/red if it was in my living room
use scrapbook stickers for quote. Paint.
Peel off stickers. voila
burlap and finishing nails over
cork board
I actually did a few these already
I love the idea of framed prints
for the bathroom

Painted paint sticks around a mirror
dark brown for living room
Woah--thats a lot of ideas
and those are just a few!
I hope everyone takes a second to enjoy this day.
there are men and women fighting to allow us
to enjoy this wonderful day.
take a second to remember how blessed we are
to have this freedom and never forget
what so many people lost
11 years ago.
enjoy your day.


  1. My hubby & I are almost done with the mirror! Hopefully, it will be done next week! Great other ideas, too!

  2. just found your blog. love it. i think we need to be BFFS. like for real.

    congrats on the move to springfield!! is it IL or MO?
    my sister lives in sprinfield, il. yay!

    1. Well thanks :) it's springfield MO. I went to Missouri State down there.


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