Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend recap

Another Monday has come.

So here is a little weekend recap.

Friday- I went out to sushi with one of my favies, Miss Alex. We went to this little sushi place out in Ballwin. I have not been to a lot of sushi places since I have been back in St. Louis and I have been CRAVING it like crazy! I was obsessed with a few places back in Springfield and now I need to find sushi places. Anywhooser-- we tried out this place that got pretty good reviews on Urban Spoon. It was....okay. Not terrible, but nothing fantastic. Maybe, a different roll would have been better? I would probs go again but try something new. However, Alex and I had a great time catching up about our lives and all the on-goings of the summer.

Saturday- Well saturday started EARRRRLY. I am not a morning person. 7 am is just an unacceptable time. Yes, I know ridiculous. I wish i was a morning person, but I am not. So I got up extra early to go garage saleing/ to an estate sale with mi madre and my Aunt Kathy. Well it freakin started raining cats and dogs so needless to say the gargae sales were few and far between. Neither me mom nor myself got anything. Lame-o. BUT was anyone else aware that estate sales are usually for after someone has died? Now I am an avid garage sale-er. I have been to SO many. However, I was not aware about this death/estate sales. Now I suppose there is the possibility that there could be a lot of good finds, but THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. I will go into no further detail, but I can promise I will not be heading to anymore estate sales (especially if they are in people's homes). Gross. Creepy.
 No Thanks.---So after that 'fun' i took a pretty fab nap and then helped my mom move all the furniture out of my room and tape so we could start painting. We ended up swimming at my aunts pool and having a lazy summer saturday.

Sunday- PAINT PAINT PAINT. That is basically all we did. We painted pretty much all day. Everything took about 2-3 coats. All the painting (of walls) are done. We just need to do baseboards and door jam. Then mom is going to put up a chair rail (small molding for half way down wall--where grey and white meet). Then we gotta paint the dresser and put the futon in (YEP that's right folks, I will no longer have a bed) and then she can start decorating. At first I was all bummed about not really having a room, but at least it will be SO cute and no longer BARBIE pink from my middle school days. I wish I has 'before pictures' but it was sponge painted hot pink, orange, and hint of teal on the lower half of the walls with a flower border half way down the wall. YIKES. But my tv from my apartment is getting put in, so that is exciting.

After- (part one) Note massive vanity, yep I am obsessed. It is over 100 yrs old and I have been promised is for when I get a real place. WOO :)

Welp, that turned into quite a long post for a pretty boring weekend. hmmmm...
How was your weekend??

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  1. Cute blog - stopping by from the link-up. I'm your newest follower! Yes I love going to garage sales, I just hate getting up so early, but garage saling it TOTALLY WORTH IT!!


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