Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I am still here but I have not
had the urge to blog the last few days
I am having a rough time in my personal life
and I am just not ready to share about it yet.
I have been an emotional mess the entire weekend
and I don't really know how things are going to end up
and I am just... upset/angry/sad/exhausted and
all other emotions that are not good.
So please bear with me.
I am hoping to be in better spirits
after this next weekend..
i hope.
I am going to be doing the pinterest link up tomorrow
but after that I might not post til next week.
I just ask you send me good vibes and good
thoughts. I will be keeping up with
your blogs though! I just can't bring myself
to post about anything because i would
feel like I am being fake if I act as if everything
is going great.
Hope your week is going well!


  1. Thinking about you! and I hope things go better :) Just remember that bad/hard things happens so that we can appreciate the good/easy things that much more!


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