Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pet Peeves and other Annoyances

Alrighty well I have had cranky pants for a few days so I thought I would get out some of my pet peeves and other things that bother me. YES I know that a lot of these are silly and wouldn't bother most normal people, but whatever they bug me.

I am going to get it out and then hopefully my cranky pants will be off and I can be a positive polly once again.

Sarah's Pet Peeves (in no particular order)
  • People who keep a pencil in their hand when raising their hand in class. As in when they grip the whole pen in their fist and it's pointing toward the ceiling like a wand or something.
  • People who post pictures of themselves in their swimsuits in a mirror. It is one thing if you are a beach/pool/whatever and you are taking group pics and everyone is in their suits, but to take a picture on your phone of just you in your swimsuit is OBNOXIOUS
  • Speaking of pictures, if over 85% of the pictures posted on instagram/fb/twitter wherever are taken on your phone of JUST YOURSELF and EVERY one of the pictures is either of you doing the duck face aka you think you are doing a pouty face or you trying to be 'artsy/sexy' by not looking in the camera...STOP IT! No one needs to see 8-9 of the same pose/look a day.
  • How I HAVE to sleep with a blanket, but i always get so hot five minutes after going to bed
  • Girls who ignore their friends for new boyfriends
  • When I don't eat things quick enough (AKA yogurt) and it molds in my fridge
  • When the dishwasher doesn't get my dishes totally clean
  • That my phone ONLY gets texts. Thats it. No internet, picture messages and the camera quality is horrendous
  • When girls tan and there is MAJOR raccoon eyes from where their goggles were and their intense black eye make-up makes the white circles even more apparent/ girls who look like they rolled around in cheetohs kind of tan
  • People who text you and after your response they don't respond for hours
  • People continuously sending me apps on facebook. I don't want to nor have I ever wanted to play farmville or the Sims

Okay, well that feels better. Sometimes you just gotta get crap off your chest.
 I know some of those are silly but whatev.
I am silly.

What really grinds your gears? Anything similar to mine?

Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. It's good to know that I'm not the ONLY person who can be in a bad mood for no reason. I've been in a funk lately too, maybe I should do a pet peeves and what annoys me post - yep I think I will :)

    I completely feel you on the Facebook app thing...soooo annoying!


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