Thursday, August 9, 2012

One week {baby}

thursday. thursday. thursday.

well this week is flying by! This also means it is one week until I head to Springfield for an extra long weekend with cute boy. I haven't really talked much about him. Well his name is Caleb and we have been together a short time, only about 2 months. We unfortunately live about 3.5 hours away which is no fun at all! I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks (which means it will be 3 next weekend) so I am itching to see him!  Since we don't see eachother a lot it just means that we enjoy the time we get together and this next weekend is going to be a blasty blast.

A quick preview of our plans--
we are camping friday and saturday evening. We are also going to be floating on saturday. I am SO excited--well being in a swimsuit for hours upon hours with no coverup won't be fun, but I am going to just have to get over it. We are floating with his best friend and his wife, Jimmy and Lacey.
I met them about a month or so ago. They are also the parents of one of Caleb's godsons, so I know it will be a great day!
I hope the water is up and we don't bottom out a lot. I guess we are taking tubes
which means we will be actually be in the water all day which is going to be fab!

our view probably won't be this gorgeous.

Oh and I JUST FOUND OUT one of my best friends Kelsey, (who lives in Kansas City now with her amazing big girl which means I haven't seen her in almost two months) is also going to be floating on the same river on the same day!  I am praying she is on the same campgrounds as us and that we float together, it would be literally too much to handle.

This was a 'why are we still in this bar?' picture?
love this beeeesh!
I am going to try my darndest to take pics this weekend. I won't be taking my presh camera on the actual river, but hopefully during camping I will snap a few pics to share.

EEEE :) I am so excited to see him and to float!
Okay okay I will stop being mushy, I am even making myelf sick.

Have a great thursday lovies!

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  1. Have fun girl! Long distance isn't always the easiest, but I agree, you definitely value and enjoy the time you do have together that much more. You learn more about the person because you have different ways of communication.


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