Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh How pinteresting

Is it Wednesday already?? That means only 8 days til I head to Springfield to see my honey!

Very exciting. I really need to get on getting my subbing apps in to school districts. I will probably do that next week. I am hoping there is not a lot of Mumbo Jumbo to go through to get on record as wanting to sub. Fingers Crossed!!
Well since it's Wednesday, I am obviously linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple.

Since my post yesterday was so Negative Nancy, today I am posting pins that make me smile because I promise and I am not always a negative mean lady. And what makes this girl smile a lot? CLOTHES, duh. Of course fall fashion is some of my fave looks and I CANNOT WAIT to get more scarves and leggings and over sized sweaters. eeee :)


I love everything about this. Neutral dress, bright blazer, big watch and messy bun. OBSESSED.

I know this looks a little summer-y but with the leather jacket it can transition to the early days of fall.
Plus I LOVE brown and light blue together.

This girl LOVES animal print, esp leopard. I don't know if I am brave enough to try leather/pleather skinnies like this
but this chic rocker look is adorbs.

You can still be delicate and feminine during the fall. I really like this color combo.

I really prefer neutral tones all year round (i need to get more color..i know) but one punch
of color aka the scarf is exactly how I want to incorporate color into my wardrobe.

Mint Skinnies- enough said

 over-sized sweaters are a go to for me. I have a problem with looking a little frumpy since I  am really petite
so I am hoping to get some that will fit my body type/shape

what a cutise pootsie teacher would i be in this ensemble? Sans the bag though.


 NATHAN ADRIAN :) he is a dime piece.
what a sexpot. He really makes me smile!

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What are your favorite fall looks??

PS I just added a new page  25 by 25. Check it out and let me know whatcha think :)


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  1. Yay for another 20-something recent grad!! I too am loving all your pins this week...ESPECIALLY that last one ;)


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