Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

well hello there!

So i have decided that i cannot take one more day of not seeing
caleb, so I am driving down tonight to surprise him a night early :)
I know i am too mushy and it's obnoxious but I cannot help it.
He is just too cute and i like him.
(insert huge cheezy smile here) :D

Well anyways that's the plan. I still have to make sure he isn't going out with
his friends tonight. If he is, i will just wait til tomorrow morning because
i don't want to ruin his man friend time.  But hopefully I will be
heading out in a few hours to surprise him!
I am getting more excited to float and camp. I actually
just picked up stuff for smores and i got a 12pack of
lime-A-ritas. SO delish and that way I won't be drinking beer all day
and get all bloaty .(The less bloated i am the better I will feel in
my swimsuit. ugggh)

I will be MIA until Monday though :( I promise to try very hard to take lots of pictures
so I can have a fun post on Monday.

let's be honest...I might end up finding time to post thursday or friday...I cannot stay away
from you guys and my blog stalking. sad but true.

okay so let's get to the fun stuff
I am linking up with Miss Michelle over at the The Vintage Apple for
Oh how pinteresting!


Bahaha- SO true!

how adorable? I would have loved if someone had
asked me to prom like this.

:) i just love this movie

seared scallops and Parmesan risotto. I LOVE scallops.

i totally believe this.

omygosh. adorbs.


all photos via pinterest

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. Is it just me, or do you feel like if you miss a day of blog stalking you are SO far behind that you can't catch up? Like it's so bad I really really wanna log in over the weekend, but I really try to have a life off the computer since I'm on it all week at work. I really think that blogger will be interrupting my school work/study time now instead of Facebook. But maybe I should be honest...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will be too. Oh no :( Have fun this weekend! Hope you can surprise him tonight!!

  2. hahaha, love the thin mints one! Great pins! Happy Wednesday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  3. Just discovered your blog through The Vintage Apple and am loving it - new follower :)

    I love love love that last pin!

    Have a nice time tonight (assuming all goes to plan) - you're much more self controlled than me, I think if I'd made my mind up to go tonight, nothing would talk me out of it (even if it should).

    My pinterest post

  4. The first one gave me a much needed laugh.. too funny

  5. love that last one! it is the truth!

    Have a fantastic day! Stop by and say hello! :)

  6. Scallops are the ocean's way of saying "I love you."


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