Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday

Well that weekend went by WAY TOO FAST!

I am not back home yet because I decided to stay an extra day in Springfield with Caleb. :) The weather is too beautiful to sit in a car for 3.5 hours It is in the mid 60s with a clear blue sky and puffy white clouds.. So I am stay until tomorrow and plan on playing with his dog and enjoying the weather all day!

I promise to give a full update on the weekend and the camping, because let me tell you it interesting weekend.

a preview--
(in bullet points)
  • Bathroom catching on fire
  • Caleb's friend getting punched by a drunk idiot within the first hour
  • dynamite explosion
All true. Fuller explanations later.

Anywhoos I hope your Monday is going splendid and I promise to catch up tomorrow


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  1. Glad you had fun girl & that you get to stay for an extra day! I would LOVE mid 60s weather, although it's cooled down a lot here too. I can't wait to hear about the rest :)


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