Monday, August 13, 2012

Harry Potter and grimey bathrooms

Where did the weekend go?
It just flew right by!

Here's a weekend re-cap--

Friday- Watched movies with my mom and got mexican. I am cool, I KNOW!

Saturday- Woke up bright and early to go get my huurrrr did.
In reality, I got it trimmed and my eye brows waxed. Then mom, myself
and my aunt went car shopping for my aunt. She actually found a nice one at the first place
we went. THANK GOD. Car shopping is obnoxious (especially when we can test drive the fun ones).
 It was pretty painless and now she has a new and shiney ride.

Well then Saturday night, i went to main street (which is the 'downtown' st. charles PAHAHA-
like we have a downtown) in reality its just a street with bars on one end
and antique store on the other. FIRST off let me explain that I HATE MAIN STREET.

for a few reasons.
1)I hate paying cover and then four dollars for a beer. Yes I was spoiled in Springfield because
it is a college town and drinks are cheapo, but still four dollars is ridic.
2) Its a like a high school reunion. There aren't too many places  to really 'booze' in
St. Charles so everyone goes to Main. If we didnt talk in high school there was a reason
i dont need or want to talk to you now. Ps you were probably really hateful to me
bc you didnt think I was 'cool'
3) All the bars are the same. They are loud, packed and grimey. I prefer a place where i can sit
and chat. I DO NOT like being grinded on by 10-15 drunkards while trying to find the bathroom where i have to squat to pee and flush with my foot. No thank you.

So anyways i got talked into going to main. I actually didnt have an awful time
(mainly because of who i went with),
 but needless to say, I probably won't be heading down there for a while.

Sunday- Harry Potter Marathon and Olympics Closing Ceremony. BOOM.

ohmygawd. he is such a babe.


ookay i will stop. I am too obsessed.
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Somewhere in there we have my 'room' aka my mom's new craft room 'After' part TWO
check it out--
from the door. Re-painted dresser and put up chair
rail. It's hard to see, but its the molding
in between the grey and white.

New bedding. Oh and don't mine the fabric on
the bench. Mom is going recover it soon.

More of the re-done dresser.

The accent colors are going to be red. So
I think we are going to get small red pillows
for the bed.
On the side wall (across from the closet) is going to be my mom's work area.
She is going to have a long table and canvas cubes for all her scrapbooking
and craftying supplies. We are also decorating with old movie posters for the walls
but that will be another weekend.

Have a great day :)


  1. LOVE the dresser with the different color drawers!

  2. $4 beers? I'd kill for a beer that cheap lol! In LA you're lucky if you catch happy hour and get one for $5-7. They're usually $8-10. Sucks!

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Thanks for linking up :)


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