Thursday, August 23, 2012

floating {recap}

AH okkkkay!
So I am finally getting to sharing my weekend of floating and camping.
Where to start--
Alright well, I drove down a night early (last wednesday) to surprise caleb a day early.
Well i think he was surprised. He said he kinda knew something was up when I was asking
him all about his plans for the evening. He was excited none the less. We just laid around the
rest of the night watched footloose. We are wild, I know.
Thursday night, we ran errands all over town getting last minute stuff for the float.
We got a sweet floating cooler/tube plus food stuffs. We went to visit his friend Jimmy and his wife
Lacey at Jimmy's parents house (they were floating with us) for a bit then ended back
at caleb's and played 80's power hour and ended up at this little bar & grill with his friend joanna.
I may have had a few cran and vodkas too many, but it started storming so we ended up
playing in the rain like little kids. Soaked to the bone we finally made it back to
caleb's and crashed.
FRIDAY we left! After he got off work we headed out to the river! After picking up Jimmy and Lacey we taveled a quick 45 minutes to the camp grounds. The boys proceeded to set up the tents and the get the fire started, Lacey and I unloaded the foods/coolers/ bags etc. WELLLL we are minding are own business (btw its only about 7:30pm at this point and completely light out) and these two drunkards stumble from the campground across from us (we later found out that they had wandered over to that camp and were not from it) and start yelling profanities left and right and just being obnoxious. Now, I am all about having a great time, but come on--its not even 8pm you are
wandering into someone else's campground being out of control. GET IT TOGETHER. Let us fast forward about 25 minutes. One of the drunk kids came back to 'apologize' for being obnoxious and when jimmy (who was busy grilling etc) didnt give him the time of day and wouldnt shake his hand, THIS KIDS COLD COCKS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD...WHAT THE EFF? yeah that happened. The kid ran off. We were all so shocked because it literally came out of nowhere. We just continued on about our business. WHO DOES THAT??
saturday we floated all day and the water was freakin freeeeeeezing. My little toes were quite chilly and let's not get started about my bumbum that sat in the water the whole time. Anywhoos after we got off the float, i am minding my own business taking a shower in the lovely aka absolutely filthy camp showers, and i start hearing someone shouting "get out! get out!" then i heard a huge BOOM. So i jump out in my little towel and run outside, and oh yeah the the electric box is on FIRE in between the bathrooms! Truelife. 
After that we grilled and ate and drank and had a marvelous time. Ooh yeah and these kids across from us got left by one of their drivers, who happened to leave his 8 person tent. So instead of breaking it down and bringing it back to KC for him they sold it to me for 10 bucks. A coleman $150 tent is now mine for 10 bucks.
Okay phew, i tried to recap quickly and to the point.
now here are some pics of Caleb's dog that i got play with all day when he
is at work. Her name is Roadie because she loves road trips.
eeek i love her!



  1. WHOA! 8PM and you are hitting strangers in the have issues. Glad you had a good time otherwise :)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! Love the pictures of your dog. He's so cute. :D


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