Monday, July 23, 2012

river rats

alrighty well I am back from quite the weekend.  It was a great weekend filled with friends, the river, ice cold beer, and the boy :) What more could a girl ask for?

So I headed down to springfield for the big float with the akpsi bros. Saturday we headed out bright and EARLY!! (this girl is NOT a morning person-- my perfect day would not start until 9:30 or 10) Well after a few bumps in the road (people not being on time or showing up) we hit the road. After quickly setting up the camp--tents etc-- we hit the river. Man o man the kids that got stuck in my raft probably hate me. I am of absolutely zero help. With the upper body strength of a newborn I am not exactly the person to turn to row, get out and push the raft when it got stuck, OR get my body back into the raft when I actually did get out. Sorry friends, I am more of the hand ya a beer or sunblock your shoulder kinda gal. Well after the 7 mile float ended, hot dogs, smores, and a few laughs ended my night.

Sunday was the most relaxing day. The boy and I laid around. We went to lunch with a few of his friends and watched a lot of 'how i met your mother' (which I am now obsessed with). I made a pretty fab chicken parm and then we took the pup to get an ice cream cone. Overall just a wonderful day. I am pretty lucky.

thats all folks.

ps Happy Monday

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